Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mitzi rules

Our little Panamaniac kitten, better known as 'Ditzy Mitzi' is growing fast now. She remains ravenous, but now at almost four months, she eats less often. She has decided that human food might be a taste treat and drives us crazy if we eat inside the house. Any lick-able leftovers go by her dish and she races to the location to investigate. Yogurt, ice cream, Kraft dinner, any cheese and of course, any meat or chicken drive her to distraction until she gets her share. I think we could feed her dog food or bird seed and she'd love it!  Her coat is lovely - she is a short-hair and her hair is like velvet and shiny. We have to wait until she is tired or almost asleep to enjoy stroking that soft little body! She has begun to curl up near Cagney, and their relationship is developing nicely...

Cagney has gained back all the weight he lost and seems 'normal' - like the lovely cat we used to love so. He seems to have learned that Bogart won't be back, and no longer looks for him. Having this crazy little addition has helped so much.  It is delightful to watch these two play and interact. Much racing and leaping from both will keep them trim!

Mitzi is developing an endearing personality which we enjoy, but her daily crazy moments are in turns funny or infuriating. One minute she can be quietly curled beside one of us on the couch or bed, and the next she is tumbling and leaping, biting and tickling. We are slowly curing her of the biting bit - those teeth are really sharp! Mostly, she keeps her claws retracted, even when excited, so the scratching is minimal. Her greatest joy seems to be in lying in wait for me around a corner, under the bed or chair, then pouncing on me or reaching out to tickle my foot as I come by. If she decides to pounce, she goes into what I call her 'Ninja Kitty' routine, up on her haunches, waving her paws at me. I need a photo of this!

Yesterday she visited our vet for her second round of immunizations and Chris took her by himself. He was gone quite a while and when he returned he described the vet visit as 'crazy'. Our girl decided the shots were bad enough, but when the vet tried to give her oral medicine, the lunacy started. Chris says it took four laughing adults to hold this tiny creature still long enough to give her some of the medicine! She went wild apparently. Biting, scratching, twisting, turning, she fought like a wild thing. Well, 'wild thing', I think I love you - your spirit is great! Funnily, when she arrived home, she was content to stay in the carrier a while longer.

Next vet visit, the matter of having her spayed will be discussed. Chris believes this may calm her! Poor deluded man...

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