Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Can time really fly?

I almost forgot my blog this week! Unbelievable,I know...Anyway, living in near paradise tends to warp the passage of time, I think. The sunny days are marvellous and it is easy to just forget the chores and enjoy the lifestyle. Feet up, good book in hand, light breeze, and maybe a cool drink nearby and that's it for me! Chris tends to keep himself busy for a while, then join me. On the days of driving rain and dull, gloomy skies, the same applies!
We had another series of thunderstorms last night with the resultant loss of power for about 10 plus hours. Such a drag waiting for the AC, fans etc to come on again. The frequent power outages are a real thorn in my side. That plus the bland food here. It seems a long time since I was in Canada! Restaurant food there is certainly more tasty than here. The Panamanians don't seem to use much in the way of herbs or spices plus they overcook a lot of food - reminds one of English cooking in the old days!I still use the veggie truck on Thursday mornings to buy most produce as it seems fresher. I even brought some spice back from Canada on that trip.
Tomorrow,with luck and good weather, our grass will be laid at the front of the house. The landscaping has made a huge difference to the appearance of our little casa, and I am eager to share the sight. The estimate from Matt was almost exact, except we added the removal of the front path and the laying of slate pavers and small patio which added almost $3,000 to the total cost. Our 'Happy Hour' has taken on unexpected pleasure as we sit under the palms watching for whales. We have seem many - all a fair distance out from shore, and none have given us a breaching display to date. We can wait!
Mitzi and Cagney chase and wrestle for short periods, then both sink down to doze wherever they end up. Mitzi has adopted my basket of light throws (not needed much!) as her personal domain, but Cags will settle anywhere, usually on the cooler tiles. Cagney's colouring is becoming more and more silver - he's a beauty! Mitzi has a lovely sleek shiny grey coat. A far cry from that fuzzy little creature from March!

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