Saturday, February 2, 2013

Settling in

The past week has been slower, calmer, more to our liking! Gradually, the heap of boxes and paraphernalia in the dining area is diminishing which makes me happy. We finally got our office furniture back mid-week, and I have been carefully examining all those extra boxes with "files" written on the, Some to throw out the contents, some to donate, lots to give to friend Don, and some to assign a place on a shelf or in a drawer in our den/office. Our friends decided the office stuff took up too much room, but bought our black garage storage instead.

We met with a local landscaper also this week. He spent 17 years running his parent's nursery in Florida and the past five years, Matt  has lived in Pedasi, learned the nature of the plant-life here and begun his own business. We like what he has accomplished for others in the area, so asked for a consultation. Matt spent an hour plus with us walking the lot, talking about native plants, and getting an idea of how to achieve our "low maintenance" look. We hope to start with the front area soon (help keep down the dust) and have plans drawn for the rest which we can complete as money is available. Matt is in agreement and is now preparing a plan for us. Two books I need: "Birds of Central America" and "Gardening in Panama". I shall scope out the bookstores in Canada when next there.

Bogart and Cagney are so adapted now - who knew? Bogart has selected a favoured spot in the office on the credenza, so I put an older towel down, and sure enough he sleeps there much of the day. Cagney had a confrontation with our visiting cat which resulted in a howling spitfire racing through the house after she tore one of the window screens. She was absolutely terrified, and hasn't come back since. This all at 3 am!

We "officially" received the keys to our home from VP, Marketing and Sales, Don Dennis on February 1st

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