Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good news, then bad news...

The road from Pedasi to our development (about 1.5 kms) is completely paved now. No more potholes or washboard muddy road to jounce and bounce along with jarred bones! A smooth, lovely ride to town and back, and in half the time, too. Only took about six months altogether...

The road within the development that passes our house could do with a whole lot of upgrading. It is developing sunk areas now, and one day a car may disappear forever! Rodelsa did this road, and they are due back to fix it. So much dust all around, and I could dust three times a day with no effect! So much for hiring a maid - who would want to cope with this? Calm days are lovely - no wind to waft the clouds our way. More is planned here as to infrastructure, but when it will happen is the $64,000 question.

As the house is mostly finished (with those cabinet exceptions), we can relax more, tidy, rearrange, and start living a more normal life (if such a thing exists!). Carnivale starts now, so "normal" is a relative word for the coming week. The folks here celebrate the end of pleasure prior to the start of deprivation (Lent) in a big way. Latinos seem to revel in their festivals (religious or otherwise!), and the roads were being blocked Thursday afternoon, and various stalls, and displays were being erected by Friday.Six days of celebration which means parties, drinking, costumes, and general revelry. Whether we partake or not remains to be seen. If we go into town, I will take my camera of course. Friend Martin Crooke brought some potential neighbours by yesterday, and we reviewed together how well our house plan developed. He and Carmen still live in Panama City, and have their two special dogs.

We are awaiting Matt's plan and design for our garden, and meanwhile Chris has been doing a little light clean-up work to prepare. Sadly, today he dug a small grave. Despite all our efforts to save him, BOGART died this morning of liver failure. The local vet was considerate and conscientious, but helpless to stop the progress of the failure. We spent over three hours on Thursday holding Bogey while an intravenous fuelled with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, etc dripped into his vein. He was a good boy for us, even purring at times. The lab results showed grossly abnormal liver function plus anemia. He was ill for over 10 days, and his valiant heart kept him going. For several days, he only had water, and near the end, Chris was filling his mouth via syringe to keep him comfortable. How we will miss this guy - he was a delightful, endearing pet who entertained and beguiled us with his antics, his little ways, his affection. I will prepare a tribute to him for later posting.

So, our first few months have been yet another roller-coaster ride. I am unsure right now how I feel about being here, but time does help, and we will keep going. To all my followers, I can no longer talk about "my boys", but we still have Cagney, and he is yet another delight for us. I hope he doesn't grieve too much, as he has never known life without another cat since he left his litter-mates. We plan to watch him, and if necessary, we will look into a playmate for him. Just not too soon.

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