Saturday, January 26, 2013

Casa almost finished!

Some forward movement with the house being just about done! Those interior fans that were installed outside were exchanged, so no more danger of rust there. Chris fixed the leaky fridge by finding the disconnected hose underneath. A delightfully humorous Panamanian drilled holes in the bathroom drawers and with a little suggestion from me affixed the handles so no more fancy work trying to access the top drawer! Two crew members arrived early on Tuesday and "fixed" the leaking toilets, we went shopping, came back in an hour and found an inch of water in the hallway, guest bath and bedroom! Arrrgh! Luckily, our wet/dry vacuum had been packed by mistake and about two hours later, Chris had cleaned up the mess. Meanwhile, I sent out a distress call and two crewmen raced over to  the house. Apparently, a hose connection had split. We don't have a pool yet, but we have more water than any other house here! Now we await the final bits for the kitchen and the arrival of our bedroom closets at the end of February...

I'm loving the new LG washer and dryer! Both work well, run very quietly, and do a super job!

We managed to sell our California closet system for the garage to friends fault that they didn't fit! Either I miscalculated the measurements of the storage room, or they built it smaller. We were short by two feet. The silver lining? We will now have a den/office after all. Chris spent two days helping the neighbour erect that storage system.

A small ginger and white cat has been visiting every evening. She may be feral, very nervous and shy. I think curiosity about our cats got the better of her. She first arrived soon after we moved in, looking very skinny. Chris started to leave some biscuits and water for her on the patio, and guess what? She now comes every day for her dinner, and is slowly gaining confidence along with some much-needed weight. I can get about two feet from her; she purrs at me, and wants to be petted but is too apprehensive yet. We call her Ginger (for Ginger Rogers) as a match for Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney! We are such softies; this isn't the first time we have adopted a lost or wild cat.

The boys watch the little birds trying to find a nesting site under the eaves...

All said, we are settling in; lots of grocery items and kitchen necessities yet to buy, but we manage for now; we have learned to operate the propane fired stove top and oven; we sleep well; both of us are losing weight; the boys seem happy and bring their various toys to us in the night while playing...

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