Saturday, January 19, 2013

Online again...

No internet for 10 days as the provider verified that I actually exist (I think). Anyway, sorry to leave everyone hanging and waiting for word on the leaky house. Yes, almost everything leaks - 2 toilets, refrigerator, outside tap, my tear ducts! Almost all is complete however; the exterior fans need to be exchanged as interior fans were installed (who listens to me?) The gas oven is connected, the stovetop works, the fridge is great (still leaks when I get some water) and glory of glories - both washer and dryer are connected and running beautifully! The LCD displays are like little TV screens, and quite an entertainment. Speaking of which, our TV was connected to satellite this afternoon. Looks great! There's a soccer match in just over an hour, so guess where Chris will be. The dear little man who drove out from Panama City to do this had a flat on the way and arrived about 4 hours late. We weren't worried as no-one else arrives on time, so why should he? All seems well, except we cannot find the stand for the TV and will be watching it on the floor for a while. We bought a wall mount, but parts are missing!? Back to Chitre next week.

Our friends Don and Connie visited briefly, enduring the mess, the papers that fly everywhere when the door opens, and the lack of chairs. They brought dog Sadie who sent Bogart into spasms. and ruffled Cagney a tad. It ended up a stand-off with Sadie and Cagney just watching each other from a safe distance. Sadie is a wee black poodle and delightful. We hope to dog-sit her if they go away at all.

The weather is absolutely unbeatable! Clear skies, hot sun, coolish breezes off the ocean, and peace and quiet. Don't expect rain until end of May! Sunsets not too shabby either, as a few clouds roll in for the late evening. Does NOT feel like winter - January? No wonder we are seeing so many hikers and gringo strangers around the village.

Unpacking is going along for over two weeks now. We have mostly office and some books and decor items to deal with. We already took a few boxes to the local church, and there will be lots more to go yet. Chris managed to wreck two walls trying to hang pictures! You can't just tap a little nail in the wall and up goes a picture. Oh, no! First a drill with a concrete bit, then a blooming great hole, a plug and a large nail/screw, and the picture is ready to hang. No second guessing or the place would be like Swiss cheese in no time! Luckily, the pictures can hide the mistakes until it is time to redecorate. Despite the trauma of the hangings, the place is beginning to look a bit like home.

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