Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Home, New Lifestyle

This past week has been very full; of unpacking, of sorting, of trashing, of organizing, of arranging, of wearying activities! We officially moved into our Panama house on January 1, 2013. Impossible would have been my response just a week before. Only one appliance worked when we decided to take the plunge - that was the refrigerator, and it leaked! As the work grinded slowly on, many small issues were either settled or set aside for now. We still need our washer and dryer connected properly, our oven sits on the floor, and our stovetop ignition is non-operable at present. As for the dishwasher - no detergent available in Panama. I need a Care Package! All in good time...

We set up the bedroom quickly and sleep the sleep of the dead due to exhaustion. I don't remember moving being so darn tiring ever before. Our friends Don and Connie are stalwart in their unflagging support and help us laugh at the silliness of our situation. Unpacking has been a hoot - winter hats and jackets, rubber boots, enough tools from the garage to furnish a store, lots of useless paperwork, and a myriad of "what?" items have surfaced. Groan!

Bogart and Cagney seem content, even though they are still indoor cats. They love to watch the workmen, the birds, and to prod us when feeding hour approaches. Chris woke two nights ago, thinking it was 6 am. He fed the cats, made tea, and brought it to the bedroom, only to hear me respond, "It's the middle of the night! Didn't you notice how dark it is?" Sure enough, it was 2:45 am, and he thought he'd slept through the night without waking and without needing to use the bathroom! He said he thought it was a cloudy day, and that's why it was dark! Did I mention he had a birthday lately and is truly "senior" now? Or should I say "senile"? Nah, too unkind.

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