Saturday, December 8, 2012

Straining for the tape

Almost a month in Panama...seems we have been here forever! I'm picking up more Spanish daily, and Chris is bravely trying out several phrases he has memorized such as "Fill up, please" at the gasolinera. The past week was dreadful for him as he seems to have contracted either food or water poisoning. Lots of nausea and it's company. He finally started eating by mid-week after we spent a 6 hour stretch at the Las Tablas urgencia with him on IV and freezing his buns off! The worst is past.

Our rental grows less attractive by the day. We have actually become used to the sound of the fridge all night, the occasional blackouts, the tepid shower, and the uncomfortable beds, even though we dislike it. Having our own place will be a dream come true! Speaking of which, the house is so near completion, but we are waiting for various deliveries and installations to happen. Another holiday today slows us again. This time it is Dia de las Madres, or Mothers' Day which is December 8th here! How nice - I get to celebrate twice a year?

The boys are in limbo right now with paperwork completing, and they are booked to arrive in Panama City on December 14th after lunch. (Chris' birthday). With luck they will reunite with us later that day. I miss them so! As for Chris, he feels lost without his "family".

We have spent some lively and laughter-filled times with our future neighbours...most of the laughter comes from our recounting of the mistakes and foolish actions in trying to move here and build homes. We are all Canadians that get together and relate well despite our diverse backgrounds and income levels. There are only a few Americans in the development so far, no Brits or Panamanians. The consensus last evening was that we think the temporary misery is worth the result! Onward!!!

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