Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paradise Postponed

Another week in paradise? Sort of. We're getting tired of the digs we are in, and eating out every day is not all one would expect. Chris has been drinking too much of the local water, and wound up feeling ill. The water is potable, but still foreign to our systems. I had the runs one day, and have ordered lemonade or tea ever since. One local server makes tea North American style, but most here serve te negro con leche the same as a latte with boiled milk. UGH!

The house continues...all interior painting is completed now, but the exterior was delayed as the developer objected to the colour. Said it was too much and our house would stand out. We just picked a lighter shade on the same card from Sherwin Williams. Countertops should be installed in about a week, and I think our appliances are due to arrive next week. We spoke with Carlos, the site supervisor yesterday, and he assured us that all would be done and the house clean and ready "soon". Maybe two more weeks?

Next Sunday, our boys will be collected by the Pet Relocation company and we hope to greet them in about another week. Poor little guys...they will be so confused; after all they seem to have adapted to their caretakers. We will be very pleased to see them!

Today we agreed on the purchase of a one-owner Hyundai Tuscon, 2009, dark grey, in very nice condition. Total was $11,000 plus $100 for change of registration, and another $300 to the broker who found it. The test drive was satisfactory, and this model has lots of room and comfortable seating. Bought it from another Brit from Wandsworth, London! Nice guy, who has been in Panama for eight years and loves this place.

In the next few weeks, the Panamanian summer or dry season will start. Weather has been pleasant already with sunny days, cloudy days, a little rain. Probably the worst part so far has been the occasional power failure which seem to occur near the end of a good movie! Chris is happily watching as much soccer as he wants, just with the Spanish chatter off. I'm just happy. ( Miss the family? YES!)

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