Sunday, November 25, 2012

Almost Done

We left Canada two weeks ago, and so much has happened that there are already several chapters to the next book. Speaking of which, I surfed Amazon today and my book was number two in the list for Panama stuff! It is available on Kindle for $3.99, softcover for $15.86 and hardcover for $25.86. Look for "Panama? Why Panama?" published by Trafford and of course written by yours truly.

The house has definitely gone into the home stretch with finishing well underway. Painting of the interior, kitchen completion, electrical connections finalizing, appliance delivery, granite measuring and delivery are all to occur within the coming 10 days. Our container arrives next Wednesday, and a generous neighbour is lending us his empty container until we can move our possessions into the house. We bought some plastic patio chairs so we can sit in our carport (out of the way) and watch the ocean. The days are mostly bright and sunny, with occasional tremendous bursts of rain which drenches you in seconds. We are still seeking a car or SUV, and want to return the rental. We have met many expats in Pedasi, plus made a few local friends. Folks here are open and relaxed, like an English village without a pub!

Back in Canada, daughter number two, grand-daughter number three, and daughter-in-law are nurturing our boys who are up to their usual antics, and accepting their lot for now. Soon, their lives will be totally disrupted with the arrival of the pet relocators we have hired. All going well, we shall have them with us around December 4th. How we miss them! Chris says he is "out of his comfort zone" right now, living in a rental, no cats, no job, trying to adjust to being retired! Soon I will ensure he is very busy...

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