Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Arrival in Panama

Too many issues with internet connections plus local communication problems have prevented me from my usual weekly habit of blogging. So sorry, everyone!

We DID make it to Panama as planned, but without our cats! There were bureaucratic glitches in every aspect of their travel, despite my careful planning and the frustrations were enormous. We are now back at the start and have to follow the process all over again, with added costs, except I am not in Canada to complete this. My daughter-in-law (an absolute gem!) is trying to help, including ensuring the boys are happy and cared for, and I do hope she can find time and manage this complicated, red-tape procedure. Our trip here was long and extremely tiring as we went the cat's route (couldn't change our flights at the last minute - would have added over $2000 to the bill. We arrived to rain, but warm temperatures, and stayed at the hotel that allowed pets anyway rather than re-book that. We saw many folks in Panama City who will facilitate our
visa applications among other things, and talked to the man who does window coverings. All good.

Our house is being completed...exterior painting today. This took a long meeting with several people and a bit of pouting and annoyed expressions on our part to effect the swifter actions. I tried to cry when describing our rental conditions, but could not quite make it! Anyway, we are relatively comfortable, having to eat out most of the time, buzzing around Pedasi making new friends, but otherwise bored silly. We eat breakfast at our plastic dining table in our plastic chairs, and dream of our own little place coming soon.

I truly miss the family - there are three birthdays this coming week, and I would have liked to be there. However, I had bought and wrapped those gifts, plus finished over 30 Christmas cards (including stamps), and prepared birthday cards and cheques to cover family needs to next June - all before we left Canada. I have NEVER been quite this organized! I am becoming a tad weary of all this organization and wish to stop being Martha Stewart's younger sister!

More news soon....

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