Saturday, November 3, 2012

Final Preparations

Yesterday, Chris retired for the second time in 15 years! The gallery space is now someone elses, and he completed a great week of 70% sales, increasing the amount of moolah he received for moving on! Lots to get used to! Last evening he was so wired after his final day, we went out for dinner and he could barely order. We received the latest pics or our Panama house, and there have been many definite changes...

Look at that BLUE sky!

Pavers to be added here

I note that our trees have been planted, so that is a good start on our landscaping. We need lots more in the way of trees and shrubs (plus that pool) before we will be done.

As we leave Canada on November 11th, I will become the official photographer from now on. Meanwhile, much preparation is now causing a flurry in our little suite. The boys still nap in their new crates as we flutter around with last minute decision-making over what to pack, what to leave, and what to simply ignore!

Bogart has decided which is his bed!

Cagney prefers the upper bunk!

Next Monday, we will be jaunting all over the Fraser Valley while we ensure the paperwork for the boys' "Pet Passports" is completed with the necessary stamps and authentications. The rest of the week involves lunches with old friends, picking up selected medical record copies, meeting our local lawyer for new will signing, final cleaning of the suite, and packing...I dread forgetting something very important and will no doubt check and re-check everything I do! One sure thing-the weather here is so dreadful, I will be glad of the sunshine and heat.

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