Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two weeks to go...

There seems to be a fair amount of activity at our Panama house, but with little evidence of progress. Considering we were promised a date of October 15th, they are now really far behind!

I have all the arrangements made for our trip to Panama starting with leaving Vancouver on November 11th, a two-hour layover in Chicago (never been there!), and an overnight stay in Houston. We purchased airline approved flight carriers for the cats, and they remain fascinated for now. Bet that changes when they get to inhabit the carriers for about 12 hours! Poor kitties. The stay in Houston guarantees some freedom for the boys and time to eat, potty and sleep. The same for us! The next morning we leave Houston for Panama City and a pet-friendly hotel on the outskirts. Hopefully, we can meet with our lawyer, get some necessary business conducted, before collecting our rental car on the 14th and heading south-west to Pedasi. I couldn't get us booked into my favourite spot (new regulations re pets in hotels and restaurants), so we are renting part of a house by the week. Actually, it will prove much cheaper, and we will have a fridge to use.

The timing of this departure may mean I cannot return for Christmas! I'm not sure I like that, and although my son says it's a good idea, what about the rest of the family? If I don't come back for Christmas, I have to prepare all the Christmas gifts, cards, newsletter, plus four family birthdays in November before we leave, AND sell both cars. It might be sanity saving to just return anyway! Just two more weeks - unbelievable!
Meanwhile, autumn weather has really set in on the "wet" coast...rain, cool temperatures, and more rain.

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