Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Final Stretch

I had a very busy day today...spent 2 hours plus on the phone to book our flight tickets to Panama, to arrange for two cats to fly cargo to Panama, and to arrange for a rental car for two weeks from Panama City. The order of doing this was counter-intuitive - first ensure the cats have a space in cargo, then book ourselves on the same flight! I was almost a full hour providing all the information about our boys, and the cost is astronomical - all together, with their overnight stay in a "pet hotel" the bill will be around $800. Must be a luxury penthouse. Perhaps a seat in first class would have been cheaper? So, then to book our seats, another $1500 and this is only one-way? Yikes, but this is one expensive move! Add to this the cost of a car rental for two weeks at $222 per week, and we've completely blown any budget we may have had. I still have to book two nights in Panama City and several nights at our favourite B&B in Pedasi. Did I mention we are both pensioners, on a fixed income? I'm considering capturing a leprechaun to find that gold at the end of the rainbow!

However, after spending all that money (on Chris' VISA!), I am glad to note that the house is still progressing, though there seems to still be quite a lot to do. The bathrooms are getting prepped now; no counter tops or appliances, so the kitchen stays as is; no entry doors although the others are installed.

This is a view of the guest bathroom, and I have no idea what these tile-like things are on the walls. At least the floor tiles have been continued throughout the house as requested. As for a stated move-in date, we have passed October 15th and no new time frame has been offered.  The shorter we stay at the B&B, the better!

Chris and I have resigned ourselves to a capital loss on the gallery and he is now in the process of selling whatever he can, before sending everything to the auction. Disappointing, but without control over the economy, we have to absorb this loss. Despite all this, we are actually excited about actually realizing the dream!

Next week I send the book version of this journey to the publisher...

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