Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nearing the final corner

Still activity at our house site...doors being installed, kitchen and baths ongoing, tiling being finished, etc. I am now pushing for the bank to release some final monies to our builder , which of course entails an inspection and report. I still wish there was not this long delay each time I contact someone! I informed the bank in August that this payment would be due...frustrating as usual.

At home (Canada), we are almost ready to leave the suite, having filled our storage rental almost completely with the personal effects our sub-leasee won't require. I have calculated a possible travel date, and working back from that I now know when I need to start the "pet passport" process. I am assuming at this point that Chris and I will be travelling together...otherwise I have to make a VERY detailed list of actions so he can accomplish the complicated ritual of gathering and approval of documentation for our boys. He won't enjoy doing that if he flies out later than me! Chris is not a detail oriented person, so guess who does most of the planning and execution? No points awarded for getting that one right, it was too easy!

Apparently our shipping container leaves via steamship this coming week and is expected to arrive in Panama City on November 6th, barring storms at sea, divine intervention or attack by aliens! We laughed today over trying to remember exactly what we have packed. The furniture items are easy to remember, but all those little treasures, and personal items escape my memory completely. It might be like we have bought all new "stuff" when it gets unpacked. On the other hand, I suspect there will be much "Why on earth did we bring this?" also. I wonder if there are places that take donations in Panama? The customs process is yet another overwhelmingly complicated process, and along with clearing customs with two cranky cats, the eventual trip may push me over the edge! If you hear I had a breakdown, don't be surprised...I'm just a tad nuts anyway!

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