Saturday, October 6, 2012

Steady progress...

The kitchen and other cabinets continue their installation. They look very plain at present and hopefully will appear more modern and/or attractive once complete and with handles. A start has been made on the bathroom cabinets also. Right now the house looks so ordinary! Typical when under construction, as I remember from previous experience, and the finished product often appears much more livable and likable.

I also see that we will eventually have to add some colour to the walls, and I am dithering a little over what colours where. My past experience tells me to wait until we have lived in the house awhile, and the need for colour becomes more obvious. Until we buy some more furniture, anything goes! Speaking of furniture, I received the quote for the shipment of our household goods and was gob-smacked in a negative manner by the increase in price over just two years! YIKES! At least $5,000 more than I budgeted for. The pool is again receding into the distant future...It is definitely NOT viable to ship all your goods. I would suggest just personal and precious items, some clothing and shoes, and necessities for the first while. Not only would you save a packet of money, but what you might buy in another country would be more suitable to that climate! Have we made some errors? YUP!

There is still much to do on the home front. As we are sub-letting our suite, I have to clear out many of the personal items, books, pictures, bakeware etc. Our storage unit is proving useful, and not costly. The paperwork for the boys cannot start until I get a move-in date, but there is now the final paperwork on the shipment. Who knew? Red tape everywhere, enough to wrap Christmas presents forever!

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