Saturday, September 29, 2012

The last bend on the track?

The latest photos from Panama reveal much ado and work being accomplished which is all good! The floor tiles are just about completed, the patio tiles are installed, the electrical connections are finished...and today the kitchen started installation.

 All is on schedule, and although there are many details yet to be started even, the crew is busy everyday according to my sources. It seems the occupancy certificate has been applied for, if I can follow the Spanish in the document I was sent(!) I have kept the bank apprised of the progress, and now have to cross all those fingers, toes and eyes again that they act quickly so the builder can get his deserved payment. For a person who likes to be in control of projects, I am calmly managing well, though no-one can see the inner turmoil!

Here in Canada, my life whirls on with much to do. This past week, Cagney saw the vet and his teeth are fine - the ones he had removed that is! I had a devil of a time getting him to the vet as despite my best intentions, he figured out what was going on and hid under the bed again. Chris and I delivered some final boxes to the warehouse and Allied Moving had already started the containerizing process, so with luck, our shipment may be on its way quite soon. We discussed who would actually take the cats to Panama...I think I won! If I go first, with all I will have to do regarding the clearance of the shipment at the port, the arrangement of the container to go to the house, the setting up of the house and the various banking tasks associated with final payments, my argument was that Chris would be in a better position to bring our boys south. There are a number of steps that go along with shipping animals by plane, and I will need to leave detailed instructions and addresses for him. The time frame is probably the most awkward part, but after I talked with a consulate representative, I found them sympathetic and able to facilitate the paperwork by couriering documents to Ottawa and back for us. What a relief! We plan to buy new crates that are airline approved and that will give the boys more room to sit, stand, and move. They will have to go in the hold however.

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