Friday, September 28, 2012

The pace has increased

The first day of autumn – weather is cooling, flowers look tired, some trees starting to turn colour. I usually quite like this time of year. A few crisp mornings can bring marvellous colour to the landscape, and I get my camera ready for the colourful photos that await my eye.
I am absolutely knackered this past week from preparing last minute bits and bobs to ship to Panama, and as we have decided to sub-let our suite. I am also packing up all our personal effects for storage. We doubled the size of our storage space for a reasonable rate, and will be placing all sorts of pictures, winter clothing, and decorative stuff etc there. Luckily, the furniture can remain. Returning to Canada will still be easy enough but the cost to maintain our space will be less.
South of the many borders between here and Pedasi, the tiles are almost completed and looking sharp. The air conditioners are installed, and I received a message from Carlos the cabinet fellow to let me know he will start installation of the cabinets next Friday! He suggests all is on track for the promised date. Who knows? A niggling concern for me is that the floor tiles will clash horribly with the choice of countertop…choosing from afar being so fraught with bad choices, I can only hope all will appear coordinated (not matched!) If not, too bad, and I will live with it. Chris likely won’t even notice!

Cagney has fully recovered from his dental extractions, enjoying more soft food than usual, and returning to his usual nonsense and habit if getting in my way. He thoroughly enjoys leaping into any open boxes, pulling cables apart that I have just wrapped, and shredding paper everywhere. Bogart watches and waits his chance to run off with tape or ribbon.

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