Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spanish tiles will look fantastic!

Friend Don in Costa Pedasi tells me there has been much activity at the house this past week. So, the photos he sent were viewed avidly to see what had transpired. Lo, our tiles are being laid, and in my opinion look really good. Perhaps lighter coloured than we preferred, but when they get those little insets at the corners, they will look classy and attractive!

The crew laid the insets in place for Don to photograph.

These tiles are planned for all the floors except the bathrooms.
The bathroom tiles are planned to be marble but may change...which would be okay. I like the look of these in the pics, so would consider them for the bathrooms.

The photo below shows the tiles laid without the insets.

It is getting to be an exciting time as the house starts to be finished. I remember past builds in Canada when I delighted in the final touches, got my hand in to help complete the home. Sadly, we cannot be in Panama at this time, or we'd be there with bells on, getting down and dirty. I have enjoyed laying floor tile in the past, though never a huge area like this, and installing wall tiles in my kitchen one time was a load of fun. Perhaps there will be something left I can do? If not, I will have a whole load of gardening to start, and Chris and I could get dirty that way!

At home, wee Cagney had two teeth extracted yesterday. He is otherwise very healthy according to our vet, so this was a surprise. Poor wee chap was sitting where his food dish usually is in the morning, quite concerned that the dish wasn't even there! He was off in his carry bag at 8 am, and I picked him up at 3 pm, looking confused, a bit wobbly, and probably half starved. After a little wander around to reassure himself that he had indeed arrived home, he eagerly ate some soft food, and found a spot near me to settle. He will be on an anti-inflammatory for several days.

I think Bogart missed him - he looked everywhere in the morning before settling for his am siesta. Of course, Cagney got a welcome home wash behind the ears!

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