Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back in line...

Hmmph! Back to the wait line. No progress this past week – those expensive tiles are still sitting in the middle of the great room. I’ve done tiling myself, perhaps I should take a quick trip? Can you picture me with these rather large porcelain (?) tiles, manhandling them into position. Me neither! Pedasi has been experiencing many thunderstorms lately which interferes with communications naturally, so this could be part of the issue now. It seems the entire Pacific coast has experienced storms and heavy rain the last week or so, with some flooding in Mexico I believe. The 7.6 earthquake in Costa Rica was non-fatal, but lots of damage done. We heard very little about it on our local media. Panama is in an earthquake zone, but they rarely happen (thank goodness) and I do believe our house could endure anything thrown at it, except a tsunami!

Our potential gallery buyer bowed out – another one bites the dust. Finances mostly account for the number of dropouts. It looks as though liquidation is just around the corner for the gallery, so we are discussing how to manage that, and what that step entails. Meanwhile….

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