Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas is getting closer!

Another week...lots going on at the development. The road to the development and the beaches is still under construction and should be paved sometime early next year. Meanwhile, waits vary from day to day as the workers dig, re-dig, fill, smooth, grade and create mud puddles everywhere! Our house is at the point of final finishing, but we still wait. The granite counter-tops are installed and look better than I envisioned after choosing from a tiny icon. All windows are now lockable, all doors are in, partially cleaned and ready for their blinds. Toilets are installed, but no appliances (next week), no sinks or taps, and most significantly no electricity. Water is ready for turn on, but without hydro we can't occupy the house.

We have discussed some landscaping with locals, though this is not a priority, and we plan to plot our pool first. Money is draining through our fingertips more and more rapidly, and we are eager to leave the rental for sure. Having our own car is better than the rental (costly over a long period) and eating out is definitely losing its appeal!

Our hope of occupying the house by Christmas is fading a bit, but we could still pull it off if the electricity came through! Once more, fingers are crossed...

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