Saturday, August 11, 2012

Al fresco dining...

The patio cover is developing nicely, though I notice it seems lower than I expected. I just hope no really tall friends visit! How will fans fit in?  Next will be the "metal" panels, then the tiles like on the roof. Picture evening meals, or all meals, beneath this weather friendly addition!

I see a large container holder developing at the back of the house, behind the kitchen. To house the propane gas? The smaller ones are apparently housings for the air conditioners.

There has been some discussion back and forth over the last several days between our lawyer and builder. I think he may be a tad annoyed about the attention drawn to the contract terms! I am suggesting we let the water flow on, and re-negotiate a new completion date. Seems the wisest move on our part!

Our friends in the development have been  whale watching lately, with literally hundreds of humpbacks passing by. A few days ago, they tell me a whale gave birth not far out in the ocean off their terrace!

Today was a street festival in our little city, and I helped Chris at the gallery. I talked to many folks I know and found that the wife of one friend has been wondering if she should make a big change in her life and buy the gallery! Her husband and I had a long discussion(she was off on an errand elsewhere), and he says he will have her contact Chris to talk it over. Serendipity may have entered my life once more. Good fortune comes when one least expects it. So here I go again, with every possible crossed, including my toes and eyes. This lady is a perfect buyer - intelligent, sense of humour, computer literate, and a hard worker! We both really enjoy this couple - they are delightful!

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