Saturday, August 18, 2012

Berta to the rescue!

I have often told others that a good lawyer is essential when moving abroad, especially if purchasing real estate and/or building there. Lawyer Berta is an angel for us - but can become a regular dragon lady if required! This past week she has tackled (not literally) our builder over his progress with our house, and managed to obtain a completion date in the process - the house should be ready by mid October according to Ing Martin, and according to Berta that means October 15th. (Or else, I think!) I have observed Berta in action and that rapid-fire Spanish would intimidate anyone...she brooks no nonsense.

Meanwhile, back at the casa, the patio cover is almost complete and we wonder if the ceiling will be finished in some way. Our builder said he would place two fans in the space, so we shall see over the next week or so.

Two more months! Getting a bit scary...we had another enthusiastic inquiry regarding the gallery sale this week. So tiresome - all these inquiries, and no further offers! There are three interested parties at this point, but still no money! We will be right down to the wire perhaps, and sweating bullets. It is almost a year since my last visit to Pedasi. Hard to believe how the time has gone by, and even though we seem to be ahead in one sense, we are really marching in place.

Our local weather has surpassed Panama in temperature! So humid and hot here...hard to sleep, and now I have a dreadful cold. Who can I blame for that? There have been thunderstorms in Pedasi, so that does hinder work. However, some more good news from our pals there that the dirt track from town to the development that is known for its ruts and potholes is now being paved! Yowzers! Good timing folks, and thank you. The ride will be half as long in time, and a whole lot more comfortable. Who could believe that a single kilometer could be so darn miserable?

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