Saturday, August 25, 2012

The dinner table will stay dry

The patio cover is done! Looks pretty nice, and I can hardly wait to dine alfresco, to have guests over, and BBQ up a storm! Oops - no table or chairs yet. All in good time, I guess. A place to eat and sit whilst doing so will definitely be a priority once we get into that house!

The entire patio floor is yet to be tiled with Coralina stone, as is the rest of the inside of the house. So much yet, and we have until mid-October? I wonder how accurate that date will be? From other pics sent, I note the electrical wires still hang out everywhere, and no plumbing started yet.

I also had contact with Carlos the kitchen guy this week, and chose the cabinet finishes from teensie weensie icons. Lord knows if all these choices will look acceptable, and whether anything will coordinate, let alone match! Just another part of the adventure...Carlos is not used to this kind of communication either, but goes along and seems to maintain some semblance of sanity. I trust his judgement, and I am following any suggestions he makes. He needs to coordinate with our builder as we have no specifications on the appliances, not even the makers.

On the home front, Chris met with a lady who tells him she and her husband are very interested in buying the gallery. They need financing, so after talking at length with Chris, and receiving some paperwork related to the gallery, she has gone to try for a response from her financial institution. We really wish her luck!

Soon, I need to update the "boys" shots, get their medicals, and I have downloaded  updated information about taking pets to Panama. The best source seems to be the Consulate in Ottawa whose website provides a load of info on various aspects of the move, including costs to authenticate documents. When I first started all that paperwork several hundred years ago, I went to the site to ensue I was dotting all i's and crossing all t's. Panama is extremely fussy about these procedures, and it can be a huge waste of time if you do not follow their process the first time!

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