Saturday, August 4, 2012

Still working (hush...they might hear us!)

Activity continues at the house...lumber stacked and ready for use. It appears the patio cover is next to be constructed after all, and I suppose the roof will go on that before any interior finishing starts.

 There seems to be so much left to do, mostly interior, and I despair of ever living in the house! We are so many months overdue now, and we have literally wasted many dollars storing the furniture. However, "nil desperandum, nil panicus" as Chris likes to say! The gallery sale still hangs in the balance, so we cannot go full steam ahead anyway.

This book will be a full novel, or maybe an epic, by the time I decide to stop this discourse. Hopefully, the next episode will be exactly one year in the making! My publisher must think I have imagined the whole story by now. I admit I enjoy recording the weekly progress (hah!) and when I look back at the beginning I see the naivete with which we approached this adventure. If others learn, and can laugh at our little venture, all will be well in the world. Onward...

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