Saturday, July 28, 2012

What could be around the corner?

Our local weather is continuing to be mostly sunny and pleasant for the daily walks Chris and I enjoy. We generally manage about 3,000 plus steps and take about a half hour for this. As we no longer own a dog, it took some effort on our part to get back into this habit, and we are hoping this is an activity we will continue wherever we live!

My son's garden is particularly pretty right now, as the warmer temperatures have brought out the awaiting blossoms, and even though he has less flowers at the back of the house, his shrubs are looking healthy and attractive. We both have a few pots of annuals and some hanging baskets, so it is a joy to sit outside or to just contemplate the summer beauty from the windows. Many of the houses where we live have developed patches of grass and flowerbeds for their front areas and Chris and I critique the pros and cons of the gardens as we walk. I love the look of an English country garden, and we have developed some very nice flowerbeds in our various houses. Panama will prove a new challenge!

I see from the photos sent this Friday, that there are a couple of crew members doing "something" around the house, and I hope this means more progress.

These two were finishing the patio extension for the past week or so. Onward, boys - keep it going! I still have NOT received even a tentative completion date, and the kitchen guy emailed me this past week asking when the house would be ready for his cabinets. I have no idea! This past week we reached the ONE YEAR mark of starting, so I will be interested to see how the contract plays out with the builder owing us back money for each week past that mark!

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