Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ready, set, and go!

Activity at the house! HAH! From the latest photos, I see equipment arriving and boards and "stuff" lying about. The addition to the patio is done, and hopefully the cover will go up soon. I have so enjoyed watching this house build, even from afar. When I was part of a house build (twice) in Canada, I visited as often as I could, cleaned up wood and nails left lying around, and for one house, my spouse and I painted every weekend. I even managed to spill almost a whole gallon of paint that time! This house will be painted all white, and I think we will live with that for a time, while we decide where we want to put colour. I pore over design magazines and my collection of books, and have saved about a hundred plus photos of rooms and colour choices on my notebook. I think the stage of planning colours etc is quite a way off. SIGH!

The master bath?

Patio off the living area

We are having some great weather in BC, with occasional wet days. No problem with that - less watering days! I always put out a number of containers with summer blooms, and although I cut down the number this year, it is still quite a lot of hand watering. I am dying to get my garden going in Panama. I have tried to find out what are indigenous plants for the area, but it isn't very clear online. Palm trees, palm trees and palm trees I suppose!

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