Saturday, July 14, 2012

Get back in the line...

So, we are back to having no action in the south, and no pictures this week due to computer glitches. No offers on the business either, so it seems we must be back to waiting in line for our number to be called.

At least our local weather has stayed excellent with just occasional showers with the odd thunderclap to keep us alert. My son's garden is finally growing; the little apples are getting fatter daily, the peas are blooming, the lettuce is almost big enough for a small salad, and the tomatoes seem to have got the message at last that it is as good a time as any to look lively! The petunias in the hanging baskets all over the neighbourhood have rejoiced in the cool weather and become profuse.

I refuse to fret over the situation we are in, and my patience, although tested at times, has become part of my nature. Having a job to attend to will help keep me calm! Maybe I can even earn enough to start that pool?

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