Saturday, July 7, 2012

Construction activity, a new job, and summer arrives!

WOW! Our miserable weather which has been mostly rain and more rain, has finally decided to become summer. We can expect several days of warm (about 25 degrees celsius locally) sun and soft breezes throughout our Province, which means the beaches are crowded, the parks are filling, the playgrounds are filled with shrieks, and the backyard pools emit continual sounds of joy. It is about time for some better weather here  in British Columbia, as crops have been delayed or almost ruined, and the little vegetable patch my son tends is very slow starting. Last year he had a bumper crop all summer, despite the cool weather.

As for my interview - I took the job, which is temporary and involves being part of a team selling Life Leases for a condominium for seniors (over 55 years) to be erected not far from our suite. A short drive to work, and really pleasant folks to work with!

In the southern hemisphere (actually 7 degrees N of the equator), rainy season has begun in earnest, although we found the rain more like a tepid shower unless it poured heavily. I note from the latest photos of our house, that a couple of crew members are finishing the addition to the patio. Marvellous! Something is happening again! Our builder had planned to do the added patio area when the pool was being constructed, but we have determined that we will have to wait until we are living in Panama to start the pool. As the gallery has not sold, we are uncertain how many dollars we will have for the "extras"!

The post positions are set also, and I am crossing my fingers that these will be teak like the carport. There will be a tiled roof over the area straight out from the French doors, and I envision us eating under that covered area for most meals, while overlooking that future pool. It is not a dream - it is happening. Keep going guys!

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