Sunday, June 17, 2012

He Didn't Fall off the Planet!

Last weekend, we were viewing some Mexico photos of a friend, and Chris commented how much he liked the terra cotta tiles. We got into a discussion of my selections of last October and he told me he would really prefer that colouring for our floors in Panama. On Sunday evening, I was online, and whipped off yet another email to our builder with no expectation of a reply. I asked if it was too late to change my selections. Lo' and behold, first thing Monday morning, there is a reply in my inbox! Once over my amazement, I read that yes, I could make changes as items were set aside but not paid for. Great! A few back and forth emails later, and we have asked for "Spanish Style" tiles that look like a dark terra cotta in the emailed pictures. Selecting from a tiny icon/picture is certainly not ideal, but what is the worst that can happen? Nothing matches, I suppose, which may or may not be a bad thing.

Our builder has also agreed to set a completion date which he says he will need to coordinate with the cabinet-making folks. Seems reasonable to me. Friday arrived, and my friend Don was unable to send any photos this week as he is with clients. No matter, perhaps there will be actual progress by next Friday?

We had another inquiry about the gallery sale, and Chris forwarded the information to his Realtor. If only, we could get this issue settled! I am asking the Universe for another indulgence, and sending out as many positive thoughts as possible. If you haven't read "The Secret", now is the time to work out how to influence positive happenings in your own life! I found the DVD of that book absolutely mesmerizing.

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