Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Not Dead...It's Just Resting!

Casa 36 seems to be waiting patiently for something new to happen - just resting between excursions of toil and labour to be completed...

Absolutely nothing is happening, and if it were not for the fact that we require the gallery sale to complete, I would be haranguing and pushing for more work to start. I am still waiting for that approximate completion date, and being in limbo with everything like this is really frustrating! All will be well in the end, but getting there is not easy. Thankfully, our experiences are not the norm; there are many actions that would have made this past two years easier, but we did not take that route.

The weather in Pedasi remains sunny and quite different to our occasional sunny day here, interspersed with lots of rainy, cool days. Cagney has now decided to act like a kitten again, and his blindsiding and laying in wait for Bogey behind chairs and doors is cause for much laughter in the evenings! These two are so entertaining, who needs television?

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