Friday, March 23, 2012

Windows? I don't do windows

After a few weeks of apparent inactivity, while I wondered if our builder had literally dropped off planet Earth, and while absolutely no-one answered any emails, I see progress. How marvellous to see the windows being inserted, and the carport being erected! Did my old heart good.

The Teak looks lovely! sign of French doors?

I decided long ago not to sweat the small stuff with this build. Being so far away makes alterations or rebuilding anything rather difficult, if not impossible, so if those doors are patio sliders, so be it. Yes, disappointing, but these windows were ordered in October! Who wants to wait another five months for the next arrival? I have requested double-paned windows WITH screens. If that happens, grand! Meantime, we viewed the first draft of our kitchen and were impressed with the layout and needed to make only a couple of changes.

The road works are continuing and apparently the sidewalk areas are also started. I expect to see quite a difference in the appearance of the development when next I visit. Despite hoping for a visit before the finish, that may not be possible. We haven't received the money from the sale of the gallery yet, and much hinges on that little event!

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