Saturday, March 10, 2012

Topping off the rooms

Ceiling installation proceeding full steam ahead this past week. Still no windows? Well, at least the breezes can blow through I suppose. So much seems to be left yet...I am still wondering about a move-in date. I need to contact our builder again. I think he fell off the face of the earth! I note the carport hasn't started, nor the enlarged patio area with cover. Manana is coming fellas!

Hallway looks tall and narrow (?)

Just the kitchen ceiling left to complete here

Meanwhile, buyer Colin for our gallery is still in the USA, but his partner has visited a few times, and signs are good that all may get done by the end of March. As that is the business's fiscal year-end this would be excellent timing. We have sweated bullets over this sale, and I find it hard to conceive that the sale will actually happen! As for the house building, I swear never, ever, to build another house in my life again. Unlikely to happen, I know, but you can hold me to that, or I'll eat my best Red Hatter hat! With gravy.

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