Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pergolas and Cabinets

Back to construction at the Pedasi worksite! I see the teak posts have been delivered for construction of the pergola carport. That will be a sight in a few years, once we get some vines over it. Little else seems to be happening, although I am told the roadway past the house is progressing.

The teak for the Pergola

I received an email from the cabinet makers. Carlos tells me he has viewed the house and taken measurements and, has begun on the design. I sent off some details about our wishes as to kitchen, baths etc. and hope we don't wind up with an over-run on costs! The kitchen is not huge, but as I like drawers over cabinets on lower cabinets, this may prove expensive. We shall see when the designs come back, and the costing is done! There is still a lot of finishing to be done in the house - and still no windows. This past week, we received a design and cost for the proposed pool. Its $6,000 more than anticipated, so I am racking my brain for a way to cut costs without ending up with a baby bath pool!

At home, I watch the cats watch the birds...many more have started at the feeders with the slightly warmer weather, and there is much swishing of tails, and quivering of whiskers to observe. Bogart played for an hour with a twist tie on Friday - such a simple toy and he looked like he had found his second kittenhood as he leaped about, and worried the bit of plastic. Cagney watched intently, no doubt wondering what the fuss was all about. His favourite game is with the plastic top from opening the milk jug. And I have a small basket full of appropriate cat toys - with catnip even! Reminds me of the kids when they were small - the best stuff was always my Tupperware and the pots and pans!

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