Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time Stops for Carnivale!

Carnivale! An important celebratory time for all of Latin America, and apparently Panama is no different. Judging by the photos this week, little happened at our house site. Since I have messages out to the builder, the cabinet maker, the bank, and the general contractor for the site, I have waited patiently for replies as I am aware of the penchant for partying at this time of year. Talk about three men in a tub...a committe of do nada.

At home, it may not be Carnivale, but not hearing from our buyer chap would make one think we also celebrated Shrove Tuesday with equal abandon! Last Monday, our South African friend merrily entered the gallery with a verbal offer. After thinking carefully overnight, and computing what the reduced monies would mean, we accepted the offer - again, verbally - the next day. Colin then agreed to stop by to view the books and flat out declared he would like to hurry this agreement along. Nothing since then!

So, I sound impatient once more? HAH! I am already so used to the manana of daily life that I will fit right into the culture down south! It snowed here yesterday -  oh, for some sunshine...

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