Saturday, February 18, 2012

All Quiet on the Southern Front

I haven't heard anything from our builder for a while, but after viewing the latest photos taken by Don, I decided to contact our Panama bank and try to get that next disbursement on the way. It seems the whole inside and outside of the house is now a sterile but lovely coat of white. Looks so fresh and clean! I'm not sure what comes next, as there is still the patio cover to start and the carport pergola to build. Then all the inside finishing. Moving day is still some time off!

The weather around Pedasi is glorious...the sky is a deep blue in the photos with barely any clouds. I'm a bit envious as our climate is cool and rainy again, with no end in sight for some time. As for the business sale? Another inquiry that looks promising, and the lady from Abbotsford may have returned to the frame. Still have my fingers crossed!

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