Saturday, February 4, 2012

It’s a Real Whitewash

February 4th

Not really a whitewash, but the beginning of a coat of what appears to be whitewash has begun on the outside of our house. It is probably a coat of white-coloured cement.

The first coat of exterior finish has started

’ Curiouser and curiouser’ said Alice to the Cheshire cat! At least there is still movement, even though the temperatures are high and the weather marvellous in that country far south of us. Once this first “coat” is complete, we are due for our next payment. I have alerted the bank once again, in the vain hope that this time their contribution will come in a more timely fashion. Hope thus springs eternal in this breast. The builder got a wee hot under the collar I suspect over the daily delays with the first bank disbursement! Cyberspace is positively bristling with multiple e-mails from Canada to Panama and back again! I wonder what the cyberGods think of all this ado?
Our weather at home has settled into sunny days with warm temperatures just to fool us into thinking spring is coming. Never count your chickens – we do have six more weeks of winter no matter what Willie or Phil say!

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