Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool....Not!

Yes, this was April Fool's Day, and no this is not a joke! It snowed today in Mission, BC. When Chris announced there was snow as he brought our morning tea, I laughed and said, "I know - it's April 1st!". "No, no", he answered and opened the drapes. It was 1 degree Celsius when we left for breakfast. Meanwhile, in Pedasi, Panama the temperature was around 90 degrees Fahrenheit! What is wrong with this picture?

Received my weekly photos yesterday (a day later than usual which provided some momentary quivers of concern), and I note the carport is finished, and more windows have been inserted.

Carport done!

Nice windows

 There have been the customary numerous emails back and forth between me and Pedro this time regarding tiles, backsplash, who does what and when. Last week I confirmed the choices from last October and hopefully that means orders have gone in for delivery?

On another note, our friends in Costa Pedasi are urging us to move soon, and to rent for the last few months of building. This is very appealing, and possible once we get the gallery funds from the sale! Not sure at this time, how we can work it...we packed up some final boxes today which I will deliver to Allied once we have a transporting date for the container. It is surprising how many odds and sods we are taking. Such a laugh on us if we end up not needing all this "stuff"!

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