Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rounding a corner...

Chris and I discussed the possibilities of a buyer actually making an offer on the gallery, and we decided to lower our expectations a tad, and tr y negotiating with one of the potential buyers. Chris gets discouraged at times, and is so very eager to get to Panama, he'll almost take anything! Note I say almost!

I had several emails this week that showed forward movement when the dust settled. Another signature for the insurance company (ho hum) but finally, an accounting of the added costs for the alterations I asked for in October arrived from our builder along with apologies for the time lapse. All 15 of my requests were addressed in full with the prices attached and itemized. Very neat, but rather a high dollar amount I thought. Chris and I discussed each item separately as to whether we were addressing needs or wants, and what difference to our lifestyle each addition would make. Once done, we decided we indeed wished for the requested changes, but the price disturbed us. Off went a reply email to our builder, and the next morning he dropped part of the price, so now we owe a little less than $13,000 more on the house. The changes will enlarge our patio area and add a roof to much of the patio. The shade will be desirable and ensure our outside area is usable all year. We'll even have a tiled roof! The upgrade to the windows to make them double paned with screens was a no-brainer but cost an additional $4,000. The smaller items added up quickly, and I sense our builder was only passing on the actual costs and not padding the bill!

As the crew finishes the roof tiles, I look forward to whatever step comes next...

The road is also progressing according to my source, and I'd love a visit right now! Slow as the passage of time may seem, I am beginning to see an end within a few more months. Hooray!

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