Saturday, January 14, 2012

A roof over one's head is necessary!

Our builder seems to be moving at full throttle with the beautiful weather in Pedasi. Our roof is almost completed and I rather like the look of the colonial tiles...less modern that new tiles, and although a tad more expensive, I've noticed the homes with the old world look have a more substantial and lived in appearance. It's all about aesthetics and one's personal preference.

Roof going on...not much left to do with it now.

I'd prefer to have another visit in the coming month or so, to meet with the builder, finish selecting wall colours, kitchen cabinets, counter-tops etc. I have been collating loads of photos from various web sites that will let others see the colour preferences we have and the overall vibe we are looking to achieve. I need to share much of that, and Mitzi would be a good start. I've synced them to my new Blackberry Playbook (an absolute bargain at $249.00!). For me to go, we need to look at our available cash - the kitty is growing smaller!

In the meantime, Chris is not exactly desperate, but certainly eager to get the sale of the gallery out of his hair! So many interested parties, but until we see the colour of their money, no sale. We had a big dump of snow last night - very pretty and the roads were soon cleared. Winter is very unusual in Canada this year! In Central Canada, way less snow and cold than normal, and in the western provinces, much warmer than normal. Good for La Nina! Skiing is apparently fantastic at Whistler but many other slopes are wishing for more snow. Cagney flies around the house, obviously eager to romp outside, while Bogart yawns and tucks in his paws to sleep another hour.

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