Saturday, January 7, 2012

Infrastructure progress

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Well, the gallery sale seems non-existent despite several potential buyers and their inquiries. At this point, the most promising seems a woman who is waiting for us to liquidate so she can come in with a rock-bottom offer! Double darn! The pool seems to be fast becoming a distant memory…

However, the promised road construction has actually started, a bit before predicted time. I received several photos this week of the road that will run past our home so it seems the phase 1 and 11 road works have begun. This should include paved roads, sidewalks, and landscaping when completed. Some joy in my heart over this, as I did anticipate the roads not really being done for some time yet, and that would have meant daily dusting I am sure! Not a pretty thought. With luck, the paving could be finished before we move in, so the only dusty earth might be our own front garden…some quick landscaping and the "maid" will have a lot less to do!

A good start to the roadway!

 Keep it up crew - be done before I arrive!

Chris and I have both been involved in building a home before (not together) so we are well aware of all those added bits and bobs that call for a load of cash, but eventually improve function and appearance, along with enjoyment of the surroundings. I speak of landscaping mostly and we have dug up and redone landscaping in one home together with lovely results. This one will be no different, except with our available choices re plants and trees. That all comes a bit later, and with the road area being made attractive, that will provide a lot of incentive to match the effort.

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