Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012...a banner year for us!

The situation in which I find myself vis a vis this construction in Panama is often funny, as in hilarious! For example, today I was asked via e-mail to sign yet another contract to build the house which is in fact over half finished. This is the third signing I think, and I note with a small laugh that the date remains June something, 2011. The bank made the request and I really wonder if the builder gets as confused as I doÉ

Almost time for another payment to wing its way over the wires...the roofing is coming along and the first plaster coating is on. The house looks a bit grey and lonely right now; some colour and landscaping will definitely help.

Figure  : front view

Figure  : from front entry toward the Pacific

Figure   : just a little of the roof cover left to do

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