Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 finally passes on

This has been a very long year in some ways...insofar as the building of the Panama house is concerned!

The roof is under way, the windows have been properly situated, and  the plastering has begun. What more can I ask? Our little home is taking shape and if the bank comes through with their payment, and the gallery sells, all will be right with the world!

Back at "home", Christmas was a marvellous time of family fun and good food. We all managed to be together over the two main days of celebration, and with my daughters' good cooking and my grand-children's loving hugs, I feel most content. The weather was wet and windy, and I've begun wondering what a tropical Christmas might be like. I picture a plastic fir tree covered with bright neon citrus coloured balls and shells and bits of beach flotsam. Sound all right?

So, back to the lengthy building program. The latest photos are interesting...

Figure : The private back garden will be super with a pool added

Figure  : From the front

Figure  : Metal?

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