Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Silence is Deafening!

It has been about two weeks since I received any updates or news from southern climes. I had assembled the supposedly final documents for the insurance company and sent them off about two weeks back, and wired off money to our builder...nada back! Nothing from the gallery buyers either. SIGH! Here we go again with the hurry up and wait thing. It is certainly disconcerting when one is so very far away. I wish I could walk down the street or jump in the car for a half hour ride - and find out for myself how everything is going. Future neighbour, Beth, sent a Facebook comment that the house is looking "great", and friend Don tried to send a couple of photos that I couldn't download, so I feel in the dark and all alone. This is fast becoming a tragedy rather than the comedy I pictured! I did talk to lawyer, Berta, last Friday on Skype and she was reassuring regarding the bank and insurance I sit and wait again.

At home, I have our little tree up and decorated and have just about finished all the necessary purchases...stocking stuffers for Chris to go yet. I'll be baking next and finishing yet another sweater...then it'll be Christmas, one of my very favourite times of year. Despite Chris' Scrooge-like comments, I valiantly proceed to have a great time of family fun! I found him a button to wear that says "That's MR Scrooge to you!" - and he is wearing it every day. We have bought each other a Bose ipod/iphone/ipad docking station that we plan to take to Panama. When I heard Don and Connie's system play, I was awestruck. Had to have one then! My latest learning curve involves learning about itunes and how to access, download and transfer to my own ipod. I've entered the 21st Century. My grandkids think I'm a joke...

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