Saturday, November 26, 2011

Never give up...

So, with all the angst of last week, this week turned out to be quite different. I had started to plan for downgrading several items about the house and was essentially okay with that; it was reality after all. Then, last Tuesday the male partner of our buyers, Colin, waltzed into the gallery and told Chris he would take over the business in January and would be back within the week to work out the details. Chris was very quiet when he told me the news, not daring to quite believe this change of fortune. We stood to lose a substantial amount if we couldn't sell, and with the sale happening, our house can return to the state we had planned.

I've always believed in positive thinking, and do not spend too much time with teeth gnashing when all is not smooth running. What's the point?  This has been a better week in many ways. Although the development manager sent news of his withdrawal from the project (we really like him!), Don is still onside and will now provide weekly photos of the house progress (bless his wee heart!), and I am having positive news and feedback from our builder (ready by end of January?).

There is still a lot to finish, and I would not hold the builder to that date by any means! However, I see from the latest photos from Don that the roof beams are installed, and although we still need windows, I guess a roof will start to go on this next week. I have decided to start negotiations with the "kitchen guy", Carlos, so he can be ready for installation when that stage arrives. Meanwhile, I have heard from Mitzi, the diminutive designer, and she is resourcing glass mosaic tile on our behalf. It is exciting to be entering the designer stages, and I hope I can cope with internet communication through the worst, nothing will match, and we will have a truly eclectic residence!

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