Sunday, November 20, 2011

I need some more pictures

The past week has dragged for me. I know the house progresses, and I finally accomplished the final steps to complete the insurance application! My family doctor was most kind in completing the two forms I gave him - once he got a translation. That was due to Margarita, my Spanish teacher from the summer session. She was most happy to oblige and we had a laughter filled visit as well.

I'm now waiting for the bank to register the loan against the title (as we do in Canada I think), then for a bank inspector to view the house progress and agree to the value of the work done thus farm then for the bank to disburse some dollars...we will provide the remainder of that payment, and our builder will continue. He has not requested the next payment yet, but from the looks of the photos from last weekend this should happen soon. It looked as though a roof beam was going up, but the photos from that message were very pixilated and it is difficult to figure out what is what!

Meanwhile, the gallery sale is looking defunct! Darn - after all the time spent with the potential buyers, they have gone incommunicado, so we think this means they have backed off. After Christmas, Chris may be hiring an auctioneer, having a clearance sale, or ???? The end result will mean less funds for us. I have already been working on what we can remove or alter on the Panama house to accommodate less funds! Disappointing, yes, but the global economy is affecting everyone now, and despite the protestations of a strong BC economy, who is kidding whom?

Our weather has turned very cold and we received our first blanket of snow at the end of the past week. The cats are less eager to venture out, so contentedly sit on heat registers (Bogart) or laze comfortably of my lap (Cagney). Being retired has it's value - stay home when the streets are slippery! I'm working on another sweater; this one for a three year old grandson. I have knitted 5 sweaters this year, and if I complete this one, that'll be six! Better than watching Dr OZ or Oprah any day! I can do that fact I watch various home improvement shows when I knit, picking up ideas.

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