Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's my turn to be slow!

Life insurance  is required as part of a bank mortgage in Panama, and our lawyer there sought one out for me and arranged for the physical exam and paperwork to be completed while I was visiting in October. Despite the misunderstandings I've described, we got that done, and as soon as I arrived home, more requests were made for documents from my family physician. Another few weeks of emails, waiting, and explanations, and I finally managed to get the forms translated by my delightful Colombian Spanish teacher here in Mission. I raced over to the doctor office last Thursday afternoon only to find he was off and away for a week! Yet another delay...the insurance company is now contacting me to ask where the forms are. There's a certain satisfaction making them wait (not by choice, of course!), but delays are not advisable from my end I gather!

As I tell the lawyer, when I finally am living in the house in Pedasi, I might finally relax and truly laugh at all these trials and tribulations! Right now, I'm in a state of angst over the potential sale of the gallery. Chris is laying awake nights trying to decide his next step. Our "buyers" are prevaricating too much, and on a recent walk, we planned how to move forward if they don't come through. Who knew this would be so awkward? "Let's go live somewhere else" sounds so adventurous and easy once one decides just where to go, but not to is definitely a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs, sideways glitches, unexpected twists and turns. Strangely, I have enjoyed it!

On the current home front, Bogart has decided to be a kitten again. He's almost 8 human years (middle-aged in feline counting) but is darting, jumping, attacking Cagney, rolling over, poking us in the face half the night, and generally demanding attention like never before! Weather change? Second kittenhood? Going a little daft? Whatever....he's amusing us, and Cagney watches with big eyes, and has his own mad dashes now and then. I was online a few days ago, and surfing the Continental Airlines site. We have one-pass numbers, and fly to Panama via their line to add up the points. Anyway, I found some useful material about flying with pets, including the fact that at George Bush International in Houston, there is a pet kennel of sorts where we could overnight the boys at the halfway mark to Panama, let them be in a run to potty, eat and drink. Sounds like a plan!

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