Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I hold things up

Much is happening as I try to finalize some insurance paperwork and run into obstructions. Paperwork in Spanish is the bane of my existence! I've been seeking a translator for a medical questionnaire my family doctor will complete, if he has a translation...I've been at this particular impasse for over two weeks now. Think I have it solved and should get the document back to Panama by the end of the week. Whew!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, er... casa, there is still steady progress. While waiting for that windows quote, the crew is shaping up other windows and squaring off corners (or something). Once the roof is on and walls completed, there will be a request for the next installment. Nothing like building a house by installments!

As of the end of last week, this is where our casa stands...disregard the front windows, as they are still waiting for the manufacturer's response.

October 28th
The window ledges are started on these windows

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