Saturday, August 20, 2011

Onward workers!

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

The past weeks have been full of activity and hot, tiring work for the crew. The foundations now completed, they are moving quickly to get to the concrete floor, I think. That is when the next payment will be due. There is a lot of requirement regarding the foundation and floor, including termite protection. This being rainy season, I imagine a cooling rain must occasionally rinse everyone off! I can see from the photos that the other construction is going well also. Don and Connie have their roof on now and have chosen much of the finishing bits and bobs, and have been promised a date in mid-October for occupation. Like me, Connie is a skeptic! The “castle” still progresses slowly, but at least it does progress.

No further cat shenanigans at this end. I dread to think what they could get up to when we finally move! I’ll likely get gecko gifts, or even snakes. I had a Siamese cat once who brought live snakes home, dragging them along by their tails with their poor wee heads banging around behind her! My youngest daughter was most distraught until I told her snakes can’t climb stairs. HAH! The one that dropped in on us during our holidays climbed everything!

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