Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Firm Foundation...

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

By Friday last, our foundation was apparently completed. The photo shows the pouring of this…

I noted the high towers of rebar at various points, and am curious as to what is next!
It was just over a year ago that I was gung-ho about the start of the building. See how laid-back I have become? It is pretty exciting to view the pics as the workers progress, and I’m grateful to the developer’s wife for keeping us informed.
Meanwhile, we’ve had some frantic moments with an escapee cat. Of course, Cagney is the adventurous one, and he has managed to suss out how to push out window screens and take flying leaps to the ground outside. He succeeded again yesterday, and was immediately chased all over the back garden by my son’s mastiff – a huge beast with a deadly curiosity about cats! The cat even took a death-defying leap off a 2nd storey deck which the dog couldn’t manage! I spent ten frantic minutes wrestling with a 120 lb dog and trying to snatch up a hissing, arched-back cat at the same time, until Chris came to my rescue – sort of. While Chris manhandled the beast behind a gate, I pursued reluctant puss across the garden and off behind a shed. Within a few minutes, we had him cornered, spitting and snarling, hair extended so he looked five times his size, claws ready to slash, and ugly growls emanating from a terrified throat. He slept the rest of the day.
I’m sure the neighbours were all peering through blinds to watch a terrified bundle of hair, chased by a huge blur of white and brown, chased by a frantic female human, careening around the backyard and up and down stairs amid loud curses and expletives enough to make a sailor blush, and called the event their entertainment of the year! Gave my pacemaker a good workout. The next time Cagney goes AWOL, I’m calling the fire brigade!

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